Estimate your snow plow bid.

Calculation Form

Winter Plowing Questions.
Average number of storms you have per year?
Average number of billable hours per storm?
Employee Costs Per Truck.
Driver Hourly Wage$
Helper Hourly Wage$
Risk Factor %.
How much extra % do you want to add for employee hr over runs?
Average amount of prep time per storm, before and after each storm day in minutes?
% markup on salary per hour to cover insurance and taxes?
Average number of hours an employee is paid per storm?
Snow Plow Costs.
Cost to replace your snow plow?$
How many years will your plow last?
Number of average billable hours per season for this snowplow?
Truck Costs.
Cost to replace your truck?$
How many years will your truck last?
Truck winter use and abuse factor?
This multiplies the costs per hour of usage.
Weekly fuel & oil expense for this truck?$
Annual truck maintenance costs?$
Annual truck billable hours?
% of annual truck billable hours used for snowplowing?
Salter/Sander Costs.
Include Salting/Sanding in this bid?
Cost to replace your salter/sander?$
How many years will your salter/sander last?
Number of average billable hours per season for this salter/sander?
Number of cu/yds of salt/sand you can spread in a billable hour?
Your purchase cost per hour of a cu/yd of salt or sand?$
General Overhead Costs
Yearly advertising expenses?$
Monthly office rent?$
Monthly phone expense?$
Monthly office supplies expense?$
Monthly office utilities expense?$
Monthly additional expenses?$
Profit Markup
What % Profit Should The Company Make?%
What % Profit Should The Owner Make?%
Average number of annual total business billable hours?