How long will it take your mower to cut the lawn?

Calculation Form

Width of your mower in inches.
Riding or walking speed per second. (average walking speed is 4.95 ft/sec)
Effectiveness of your mowing. (1-100 with 100 being maximum effectiveness and leaving no overlapped areas.)
Square feet area of grass to cut.
Total length of area to be trimmed in feet.
How many feet can you trim per second.
How long does it take to get to this job in minutes?
How many minutes does it take to unload and load back up?
How long does it take to blow off the grass in minutes?
How many linear feet of gutters do you need to clean? (Avg 120 to 250)
How many seconds does it take you to clean per foot? (Avg 4)
How difficult is it to work on this house? (1 - 100) 1 = easy, 100 = tough
Leaf Cleanup Multiple
Add on any additional minutes?