Lawn Care Marketing Return On Investment

Calculation Form

How many Flyers/Postcards are you distributing?
(for a newspaper ad enter size of circulation.)
Cost of Printing or Ad?$
How are you distributing the material?
Door to Door
Newspaper Ad
Postage Cost? (Only use for mailing.)$
Total Man Hours To Distribute?
(Only use for door to door.)
Additional prep time in hours? (For things like folding, licking stampes, etc.)$
Hourly Wage?$
Projected response rate. (Average is between 1 to 2%.)
Conversion Rate? (The % of those who responded who make a purchase.)
Average total sale for the life of the customer?
(ex. a $30 lawn is mowed 30 times a year for 4 years)
Average % of that sale is profit?