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General Business Discussions

A place to talk about general business discussions.
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Old 11-21-2005, 07:05 AM
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In the following we will describe organic ingredients. Some explanations will be vague, however if you need any other information on them please contact Richard Murphy at

Undecomposed feather from poultry, free of additives and/or accelerator that have been hydrolyzed. Contains a minimum of 11% and a maximum of 13% Nitrogen.

Animal blood which is cooked, dried and ground. A terrific source of natural Iron containing a minimum of 12% and a maximum of 14% Nitrogen.

Ground bones from beef, pork or poultry that have been either steamed under pressure, heated or rendered sterile. Contains approximately 27% Phosphate and approximately 25% Calcium.

Ground rendered product of poultry containing 10% Nitrogen and 9% Phosphate.


Unlike most Potash sources, Langbeinite is a natural mined product and will not burn the plant. Originating from evaporated sea water, it contains Sulfur, Potash, Magnesium and many other important trace elements and is often referred to as Sul-Po-Mag, which is Sulfate of Potash-Magnesia. Langbeinite contains a minimum of 21% Sulfur, 22% Potash and 18% Magnesium.

Dried ground tissue of whole fish or fish cuttings which contains 10% Nitrogen is rich in essential amino acids.

A natural mineral mined from vast deposits in the southwest desert. This Potash source contains not less than 48% soluble Potash, chiefly as Sulfate.

Simple sugars and starches provide an immediate surge of energy for the microorganisms during initial organic matter degradation.

Decomposed soil organic matter which has the ability to buffer plants against extreme concentrations of salts. A complex mixture of dark colored, Amorphous, colloidal substances containing approximately 30% each of Lignin, Protein, and Polyronides and about 60% Carbon. Improves the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil and enhances uptake of Phosphates and other essential micronutrients. Increases seedling vigor and helps keep fertilizer from leaching through the soil.

Main components in soil health and soil productivity, not only responsible for the degradation of organic matter, but necessary for making nutrients available for plant use.

Amino acids enhance turfgrass health and improve the overall nutrient efficiency by buffering heavy metals and sodium in the soil, improving the availability and exchange of plant nutrients on the root surface, and improving microbial activity in the soil.

Vitamins and enzymes are needed for the basic metabolic processes within the turf plant such as chlorophyll production, cell division, transpiration and respiration.
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