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Gopher Software Support Archived Question & Answers - Read Only The support posts are read-only. To ask your Gopher tech support question please email us at

Trouble with free download

Gopher Software Support Archived Question & Answers - Read Only

The support posts are read-only. To ask your Gopher tech support question please email us at
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Old 12-05-2005, 06:54 AM
turfman007 turfman007 is offline
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I am sampling the free version of the Gopher Billing Software. I have a question regarding the invoices and account rx.

For example, I send an invoice for $100 and 30 some days later I still don't have the payment, but have done property service for that account in the meantime. So I send another invoice consisting of the $100.00 service and the newest service totaling $150.00. I recieve the total payment in the form of 1 check. The problem is I have two invoices and one payment, therefore there is always an outstanding balance. ANY HELP?

Moving on. After I input a payment and reindex my files I have outstanding balances for customer s that are incorrect. I currently have a balance for an account that is very very wrong. The two invoices that are due do not even add up to the amount the software is showing is due. ANY HELP?

This post may seem hard to follow, b ut I hope some help comes from it.
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Old 12-05-2005, 08:08 AM
Gopher Support
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By default, Gopher will show previous balances on new invoices. So the customer should see the total amount they owe you (current invoice + previous balance). If the customer is delinquent, they will see that on the invoice. Furthermore you can show invoice aging on your invoice to help the customer see just how late they are with their payments.

If this doesn't help with the scenario you're describing, can you give us an example of the dates and amounts for each invoice you create along with each payment you receive? (e.g. tell us "I created a $100 invoice on 9/1/05, then received a $50 payment on 9/15/05 and made a second invoice on 10/1/05")

The easiest way to track down a problem with a customer's account is to run a history report of the customer's invoices and payments (you can right-click on the customer list and click on the history report).
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