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Community Assistance Community questions, comments, and suggestions. Problems posting? Email me.


Community Assistance

Community questions, comments, and suggestions. Problems posting? Email me.
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Old 05-20-2011, 01:27 PM
Ducke's Avatar
Ducke Ducke is offline
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Originally Posted by CHEESE2009 View Post
Well isn't that a good thing that your getting soooooooo many calls?

Beleave me u think you have it hard
Yes. I've put 2 folks through school. I cook breakfast and dinner, and I work.

turn off your phone and give yourself 2 days I promise it will help
It wont. This tactic will just set me back.

Everybody needs a break sometime or another
Indeed, unfortunately it's the beginning of the season.

Let me solve my own problem, because all I'm receiving is tidbits of irrational information. I have to say thank you Steve, for for a well thought out response!

So here's the problem, right?

The call volume on my phone is "too much". What is too much?

1. The same caller will call my phone with 2-3 numbers within an hour. Leaving me to call each number back - because they can't simply leave a single message and leave it at that.

2. A single caller will leave a voice message on my phone every time they call, as if there first message wasn't sufficient. This creates a problem where all of my calls later on will not come with messages - my voicemail will be full.

3. I do not have a lot of time. I check "" to reverse search phone numbers and where the person resides before I call back, why? Doing this enables me to see if it's worth an extra 5-10 minutes on the phone denying a person service. A lot of numbers aren't registered, so I have to call them back blindly. A lot of time is wasted chasing down the caller(s) and the outcome is repetitive, the outcome is denying service to those outside my area of business.

4. A lot of people including my customers are arrogant. Regardless of how many customers I have, they will always assume I run my business for them individually. They don't see a problem with calling my phone non stop all day until someone answers, while leaving a message along with every phone call.

5. A lot of customers are ignorant, they don't understand that when it rains - there is no service. When it's the weekend, there is no service unless scheduled by me in an advance. They all know this, they just don't give a crap.

With all of the above, we could assume it's the customer who is constantly unaware of how I operate, regardless of being told previously.

Ok, so I can just tell them again, right? No. It's not that simple.

A lot of my customers have their own schedules, they need to be home every time I arrive, or they need a phone call upon my arrival - these are the elderly who want to make sure everything goes according to plan. These customers rely on me to arrive the same time throughout the entire season (impossible). These customers pay money, and telling them the facts over and over again isn't that easy without coming off as an a-hole.

Even by sending out a notice, it will be taken personally to each and every customer. As they would all believe that it's meant for them, and it's sadly true.

Let's go back a bit, what might have caused this problem?

Being friendly and allowing my customers to trust me. I assume they know how good they have it, and aren't willing to lose it - so they call non stop to receive assurance to put their minds at ease.

So I can just be neutral, right?

Being friendly has turned my business into a huge success, it's what my company represents. Unfortunately, the bigger I get the less one-on-one my customers receive and the more unlikely they are to stick around. I'm not pulling a stat out of my arse like most of you on this forum, I've seen first hand that customers would drop me and go with a cheaper service if I lost my friendly approach.

My customers are with me because I am able to show appreciation, while making them feel better than they really are - and we as humans love that. The idea is to win them over by treating them as an idol. It's all about psychology, this method will keep them addicted alone regardless of price - you just need an opportunity to make your move.

If I would become neutral, they will only look at the quality of my work and begin comparing it to the price of my competition. They aren't as afraid to lose my work quality for any cheaper service as you'd think.

Out of all my customers, they are with me for ME, not the name of my business, quality or price. I've done everything I could to stand out and differ from what customers have told me they dislike about my competition. The most difficult part is keeping up with it. It was all great in the past, I've have beers with just about every male customer of mine, not just a handful. I am a true "representative" of my company and have become the face of what makes this business work and what people want.

It's now very difficult to get any work done, while "keeping face".

Don't worry, I wont let you guys solve this problem either.

Here are a few solutions;

1. Hire an assistant

2. Hire a receptionist

Neither of them will work. A good assistant is an investment (time+money+temper). It's in the process, and nearly impossible to acquire while making it worth it.

A receptionist can only go so far for the dollar I provide. It sounds like a good sacrifice considering my issue, but down here in reality it's a complete loss at the current position my business is in.

The best option, being the most difficult would be to hire an assistant who can take the calls, be the face of the company or the foreman while I'd be able to trust them to do as well as I have done, or better. This solution still has many faults.

The solution above is in progress, it's unfortunate that no one is capable of providing me what I require at this current time. The best I can do to my knowledge is wait and continue the search.

For fun;

Calls received from 7-9AM: 12
Calls received from the start of this post till the end: +6

Total: 18. this isn't as pleasant as you'd think

It's Saturday, May 20th.
Two thing Cheese.
One: You posted your personal problems on the forum so don't get all in a huff if someone posts a reply.
If you don't want our tidbits of irrational information don't ask for it.

Two its Friday the 20th not Saturday. when I read Saturday you got me all frigged up thinking I missed my Friday mow schedule.
Ducke's lawn Care and Introducing Duck's Seasonal Decor.
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Old 05-20-2011, 01:48 PM
CHEESE2009's Avatar
CHEESE2009 CHEESE2009 is offline
Dr. Scott - Ruler of the Underworld
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Location: Switzerland, Grindelwald
Age: 74
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Lawn care business tipsLawn Care Business Book
My bad - I am flustered, I was looking at my schedule along with the date.

Correction: It's Friday, May 20th.

I am on my weekend schedule, Saturday, May 21st.

You are right.


Thanks for your non-constructive criticism. Mind as well tell everyone to close up shop as it's an efficient answer which can be put on the end of every problem.

I respect you as a person, I understand you are upset along with myself. I also understand that you made an effort.

I'm sorry my expectations were high. When I post a situation, the last thing I want to here is "close up shop", "give up" from anyone of of you. I'm sure you'd all feel the same.

Anyway, it's official - I'm off of this forum.
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Old 05-20-2011, 04:44 PM
bruces bruces is offline
new member
Join Date: Apr 2010
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bruces is on a distinguished road

cheese,your by far the craziest poster ever ,and I can tell your hurting right now ,you need to find a happy place away from the phone .Any chance you can make a rule like "phone calls accepted between 6-8 pm monday thru thursday because all you old buzzards are bugging the sh1t out of me " or something like that ? just a thought and possibly easier than sending yourself to the corner for a time out .I cant stand the telephone,so I refuse to carry a cell phone ,I have a second line I use strickly for cranck calling people [everybody has to at least once in their lives order a large crane to your neighbors house for some emergency demolition work ] ,,or business and have everybody leave a message on it ,but I know it doesnt work for everybody .Have a great weekend Cheese !
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Old 05-20-2011, 07:56 PM
Ducke's Avatar
Ducke Ducke is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: The Duck Pond
Posts: 844
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Ducke is on a distinguished road

Cheese buddy
I don't want to see you go.
Right now you have some issues and there is no better place to be then here with fellow lawn care people.
I may have been harsh with my comments but it was only to get you to look at yourself and your situation from a different light. Not all problems can be seen from the inside out sometimes you need a good smack up side the head to see them from the outside in.
I have the exact apposite problem from you my phone never rings......
I have been pounding the pavement and doing the door to door thing but no calls.......
It believe its all the rain 30 out of 35 days have been rain not drizzle or misty just good old #@%$&*_+#$@ RAIN.
We all have our problems and people have been giving me advice some good some not so good and I'm glad they have because I take it all in and mull it around and then I go back at it again.
The phone issue is BIG issue to you right now but just think if you had no customers to bug you what then no $$$ no house no truck no gear no anything.
Cheese what you need to do is get some time to yourself ( I know its busy busy busy) but force yourself turn of your phone (or just ignore it) go for a walk in the woods or fishing or a drive or find a quite spot away from it all and figure this issue out, There has to be someone that you can get to help you even if its only temporary, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Wife, Son, Daughter, Uncle, Aunt Girl friend ,Boy Friend or just a good Friend.
I know a guy like you must have a great network of Friends and Family.
Reach out that is what they are there for.
and then there is Us bro were here for ya two.
Ducke's lawn Care and Introducing Duck's Seasonal Decor.
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Old 05-20-2011, 09:37 PM
justin_time justin_time is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: French River, ON, Canada
Age: 29
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justin_time is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by CHEESE2009 View Post

For fun;

Calls received from 7-9AM: 12
Calls received from the start of this post till the end: +6

Total: 18. this isn't as pleasant as you'd think

It's Saturday, May 20th.
You forgot a few un-answered txt
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Old 05-21-2011, 01:42 AM
TLC131 TLC131 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Lake Zurich, IL
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I am kinda hesitant to answer the phone now, this change occured recently and I think it was when we had the huge blizzard in Feb. and my phone was ringing off the hook. I just felt llike I couldn't do anything about the new jobs. But the biggest reason I have missed calls is because my phone isn't on me all the time or I am mowing.
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Old 05-22-2011, 11:13 PM
fieroboi's Avatar
fieroboi fieroboi is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Camrose, Alberta, Canada
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Scott buddy, I know what you mean, somedays I can relate, seems like I can never get caught up as the phone doesn't want to stop ringing. I had a couple of week period that was insane phone wise and as hard as I tried, I could not return all calls. I did however make an effort to return calls to current clients, many who wanted to know our status. They were not so concerned as to when, just that we hadn't forgotten them (LOL).

I just got back from a couple of days of camping, and I can tell you as far as I am concerned, I'm more than ready to take on the week. A break is needed now and again.

If you can find the time to take a break for yourself, do so. It will do you a world of good. Maybe your phone message should state your not taking any calls during your break and that you will see everyone once you get back. Hang in there buddy!

Blue's YardFX
Camrose, AB
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