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General Talk If it doesn't fit anywhere else, post it here.

What is the best zero turn mower

General Talk

If it doesn't fit anywhere else, post it here.
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Old 06-03-2012, 08:21 PM
wandfsmall wandfsmall is offline
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Originally Posted by lov2mow View Post
I need to bag the grass, so what walk behind can bag and be balanced to operate. I use a 34" simplicity now with side bag all I do is fight to keep it straight.
most walk behinds do not bag well, for bagging I would look at a walker and see what you think. They are the only mower designed with bagging in mind.
I am the owner of an online mower parts distributor. I am also a Briggs Master Service Technician and Expert Certified Mechanic for Kohler. If my posts helps you please like my facebook page at
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Old 06-04-2012, 09:09 AM
dpld dpld is offline
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Originally Posted by wandfsmall View Post
most walk behinds do not bag well, for bagging I would look at a walker and see what you think. They are the only mower designed with bagging in mind.
walkers are good mowers and i have a few but they are for well manicured picture perfect properties.

there is no control of the height of the deck in flight to get around obstacles like a slightly high tree root.
with the direct drive deck and the lower profile they are not suited for all types of properties as well as are not the type of mower you just allow anyone to operate.

they cut beautiful and bag excellent but as i said they are for particular properties.

as for riding mowers in general, ther are a lot of great one out there and it also depends on what part of the country you live in because some brands have a better foothold on regions then others.
it also depends on what type of mowing you are doing and once again what region you are in.
i know guys as well as myself where we have to bag everything and take it away and i know guys that let it fly and even in the fall just chop it up and blow it in the woods.

i have a ton of hills so i use pretty much a variety of machines.
i have hydro walk behinds and i use walkers and i have a couple exmark lazer z's and they all have their place and each type of machine can do something better then the others but from my experience there is not a machine out there that can hit the ball out of the park on every type of lawn out there.

the only thing you can do is find the best machine suited for your properties and the best way to do that is find out what each machine is good at and what they are not.
for example, i cut a cemetery and there is tons of rocks that stick out of the ground here and there that might be a inch too high for me to go over and with my walk behinds i can push down on the handle bars and lift the deck a couple inces to go over it or my lazer i can push down on the deck lift pedal and raise the deck to give me a little extra clearance to get by the rock.
this way i am still cutting the grass as i go over and it may be a little higher and it is not noticable and that spot is done.

with the walker my choice is raise the deck and cut the whole place high or go around the rocks and add to the already never ending string trimming.

my lazers i can put the bagger vacum set up on in the fall and take it off for the summer where as the walker the blower runs full time all year whether you need it or not.

as i said i use many different types of machines and i like them all and the best approach is find the pros and cons of each machine and use that information against the type of properties you have and their specials needs or circumstances ( obsticles, gates, hills, hidden hazzards, wet conditions, bagging,etc,etc).
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