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Torque for blade bolts??

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  • Torque for blade bolts??

    I decided to replace my new blades myself this time. Is there a torque that is good for the bolts for the blades. I am not expecting an exact number, but is there a good general number that is in use? The mower is an 07 Ferris Z-turn 44" deck with 3 blades. Or should I just use an airgun and make it reasonably tight? Thanks guys

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    Basic Rule - Use an impact gun to take blades off...never to put them on. There is usually no way to gauge the ft. lbs. on an impact gun. You can damage the spindles by accidentally cross threading among other things.

    I have always put my blades back on just using my 24mm 1/2 socket and drive. You may have to hold the blades...put on a glove or use a wooden block. I never over tighten them either...1/4 turn past stop will do.


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      Thanks for the quick answer.....thats exactly what I was looking for.


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