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    Guys and gals,

    I have a 42" Troy built ZTR. The blades continuiosly run even when the PTO switch is turned off. I changed the PTO switch but it hasnt done any good. Any suggestions on what other switches will affect this? Or is it something more serious?


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    That's a very good question. Does anyone have any insight what could be happening?
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      I think the problem here that he doesn't own a Husqvarna

      No I don't know what the problem could be.. It's probably not even the PTO switch problem after all even if you changed it.


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        I don't own one of these machines, but if you have changed the PTO switch and they still run, it sounds like it is a wiring issue somewhere between the switch and the clutch. I'm guessing that the clutch is electromagnetic, hense the wiring issue guess.

        If that doesn't work, then maybe you have a faulty clutch.

        Hope you figure it out!


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          Hmmm, Ok. A few questions first.

          1. When you turn the PTO switch off, do can you hear the load released from the engine?

          2. How did this problem start (was it sudden? Or was it gradual?)?

          3. With the clutch disengaged, can actually "mow" or are the blades stopped relatively easily when driving through grass that needs to be mowed? This kind of goes with #1 but bear with me...

          With this info, and possibly a few other questions I may think of, I should be able to help you out some...



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