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    Today I broke in my new Husqvarna 3260HD hedge trimmer. I must have got a little to aggressive with it on some overgrown hedges. Anyway the blades will not move anymore. I didn't have time to take everything apart on it but I did notice a burred cutting edge. So I did separate the 2 blades and took off the burrs but it still don't move. I never had this problem on my other trimmers. Does anybody Know if there is a shear pin or some kind of safety breaker on these ?

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    That is a good question. I don't know, but maybe one of our members has taken such a trimmer apart and knows what is causing this.

    Can anyone else offer a suggestion?
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      I would pm the Superior guy, cant remember his name. he would know.
      Northern California


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        Does anybody Know if there is a shear pin or some kind of safety breaker on these ?
        Ok, I am not familiar with this particular model and can't seem to find anything online on this model (their website does not recognize that model as being good). So I would start with this to see if there is a shear pin:

        Start it up and try to accelerate the engine. If the engine accelerates as if there is no load on it, then there is something disconnected like a shear pin being sheared or something like it.

        Now if the engine acts like it is under a severe load, then you can expect that there is a bigger problem. Without having something to look at it is rahter hard to disgnose that particular model. If nothing else, email me some photos of the blade part and I'll see what I can come up with. Optionally you could take it in to you dealer as well.

        Good luck,


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          Thanks for your response. I did start it up and the revved up the engine and it doesn't appear to be any load on it that's why I figured there was some kind of shear pin or breaker on it. Anyway I bought it brand new (close out) on E-bay
          and it is under warranty so I will take to the nearest dealer.


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            Let me know how everything turns out.



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