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Advice buying used mowing equipment

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    I can not disagree with the systems for purchasing used equipment posted above. I can say however my way I find much simpler.

    I ask most of the questions in person as those above but I don't care his answer more his general level of nevousness .

    I am there to buy equipment because it's model is capable of meeting my needs or the price makes it worth the chance.

    The facts remain oil is a 30 minute cover I could run the machine for 3 years in my yard, never servicing it and as you pull in to buy it be putting the oil away.
    Never know,

    I simply say how much again? Then tell him ok let me call and run the serial number and go call my wife ( who knows to call me back in 15-20 minutes.
    He sees me give out the numbers over the phone.
    as I watch his nervousness . Then I check the tires , caster joints, spindle play, belts are functionable I check the oil level, fuel level, hydro oil level
    (to be sure it's safe to run) caring little of the color. Then my wife calls back
    Yes sir, ok.ok,na I don't know him, yes sir , then I look the seller in the eye and ask for the address where we were then ok ok and the mower model this time and serial number. By ok ill be here.

    I watch the sellers actions again my wife care little.
    I then say there must be something huh, so can we cut with it, not caring if it cuts just running it. I get it up to temps , taking note of smoke, rattles ect
    Then I idel it down and engage the blades listening for any engine knock, then I pull RPMs lower by mowing a swipe at idle or accelerating forward.
    I listen for engine ware, then I continue to mow at operating speeds
    Then I wait on the phone call.

    If the guy seems comfortable at this point I confirm the price, negotiate lower if it will need parts or other maintenance
    If it goes cheap it's done if not I wait for the call.
    If the price is good and I am ok at his price I say oh ok to the phone , pay his price and leave with a new mower,
    If I don't like his price and he won't negotiate. I wait on the phone call yes sir, oh ok ok , ok I will let him know thanks .
    Then I tell him they were going to send an investigator out to talk with him to determine where he had got the unit, shake his hand and wish him
    Luck and leave.

    Never once saying it was stolen or anything was off, not to insult his ownership .


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