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Worldlawn push mowers - ever heard of them?

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  • Worldlawn push mowers - ever heard of them?

    I am considering a Worldlawn 28" cut 3-speed mower. Anyone have experience with this company? If so, please share before I commit to buy thsi 1-season old mower. If not, here are the specs; do they look to be solid enough for a brand-new company to start with doing residential only?

    Two 14" blades; 3 spds (1st-1.85MPH, 2nd-2.65MPH, 3rd-3.55MPH), with a 10.5 or 11.5 HP B&S.

    My biggest concern is reliability. Here is a link to a pic of the mower:

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!

    Desert Oasis Lawnservice

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    I never heard of them before.

    How did you find out about them? and what got you interested in them?
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      I have never heard of them either. I did some research on them and here is what I found.

      First, it is a Chinese Company. It defintely is not a completely US owned/operated company. Now I don't know how important that is to you considering the economy, but I prefer to keep my business to the US to help with our economy. These mowers are available with the Briggs Intek motor (which in itself is not wholly made in the US). (P.S. I contacted the distributor I would have to go through if I handled the brand and was told most of the components are actually US made but they are assembled in China.)

      Make sure the parts are easily available. When I spoke with the distributor I found out most of the components/parts are very reasonably priced if there is a need to replace them. Like I said, make sure the parts are readily available in your area through a reputable dealer (think of how long they have been around, what their reputation is in the community, and most importantly, do YOU trust them?).

      The company is relatively young here in the US (probably less than 10 years here in the US).

      Despite all the above, positive or negative, the Distributor rep I spoke to said the mowers really mow well and cause little problem. He also cited the fact that the height is easily adjusted, especially with the smaller models.

      Good luck and if you decide to purchase the mower please let us know how you like it.



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