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Have you ever had an equipment idea?

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  • Have you ever had an equipment idea?

    Have you ever had an equipment design idea? Well here is a story of one couple who did and how they brought their product to market.

    I think it is just fantastic that they were able to come up with this idea and then sell a few thousand. Then sign a licensing deal to get it made and sold to larger stores.

    What's your view on this?

    Press Release - AbsolutelyNew, Inc., a next generation consumer products company that brings independent inventors' best ideas to market, has signed an exclusive licensing and manufacturing deal with husband and wife inventors Mike and Kim Dunda of Redmond, WA. The company will start selling their Trimmer Trolley(R) lawn care attachment in Spring 2009.
    The Trimmer Trolley(R) accessory makes lawn trimming and edging a breeze **** it's a simple but ingenious wheeled attachment that clips onto almost any lawn trimmer or weed wacker so the landscaping device can be easily pushed or pulled rather than carried. This means:
    **** Fast, accurate edging along driveways, gardens, fences and more
    **** No more painful stooping and awkward, arm-fatiguing angling while bearing the weight of a trimmer
    **** Easy cutting of large areas at a consistent height
    The Dundas invented their Trimmer Trolley(R) after landscaping a 2-acre piece of land with long stretches requiring edging. Mike, at 6-feet 4-inches, had no choice but to work the entire perimeter while bending forward so the 15-pound trimmer reached the ground at the proper angle. Afterwards, he and Kim concluded "there's got to be a better way" to trim, and they set out to create that better way.
    A subsequent demonstration of their prototype at the local Home Depot store, during which shoppers sought to purchase the prototype, confirmed the appeal and reinforced the Dundas' determination to proceed. They patented their invention in 2006.
    An estimated 20 million U.S. households use an edger. Most use gas-powered models, which often weigh at least 15 pounds when the gas tank is full.
    The Dundas sold 3,000 Trolley Trimmers(R) via the internet and mail order catalogs before deciding to license to AbsolutelyNew. "We're a Mom & Pop operation, and the components and requirements to get into the big stores were over our heads," Kim explained.
    "The Trimmer Trolley(R) is another great example of independent inventors solving life's problems," said Richard Donat, AbsolutelyNew's CEO. "Along with a number of other lawn and hardware inventions we're working on, we believe The Trimmer Trolley(R) has a strong, long-term future in America's leading hardware stores."
    The Trimmer Trolley(R) can also be used with many power sprayers and trimmers with blower attachments. It will reach stores nationally for Spring 2009.
    About AbsolutelyNew, Inc.
    Headquartered in San Francisco, AbsolutelyNew is a consumer products company that finds and drives to market the most innovative goods from the world's inventors. The company's team of 80+ employee experts has helped thousands of inventors bring their ideas to life. Products in the company's portfolio span a wide range of categories, and can be purchased in stores, in catalogs, online, and on TV. AbsolutelyNew is privately held, with venture capital backing from Artiman Ventures. For more information, please visit
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    Steve, I love the thought that went into this thing and that they are having good luck with their idea, But, i dont think it would work well in the real world of an LCO, at least mine any how. I think it would get in the way, i see that it looks like it adjusts up and down but dont think it would work for me.

    Kudo's to them though for pushing forward, Think it, beleave it, Achieve it!


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      Do you think you would enjoy creating a device if you found a way to make your life easier?
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