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  • What do you think of this?

    The Only Stand On Riding Blo-Vac
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    Thats something steve, more then i would ever need i think.


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      That company was at the expo in Louisville. I got to try it out.

      The machine has its place but I think it is overkill for most lawn care operators. The one I looked at moved an incredible amount of air which is great for leaf clearing large, wide areas.

      The main use I can see is for golf course greens where leaves need to be moved out of the way and not corralled or directed into a particular area. The bulkiness of this machine makes quick changes of air direction difficult. You are more likely to make broad sweeping passes.

      Even with parking lots an operator has to contend with parked cars, curbs, and islands. This necessitates the use of a backpack blower irrespective of how much air a rolling blower puts out.

      The drive function is nice for large areas but it disallows an operator to easily maneuver over curbs. There is also a tremendous amount of money and hp dedicated to the drive mechanism adding to the bottom line of the machine.

      I have always found lower horsepowered, lightweight, push blowers ample for most operations.

      The one benefit of this machine is that it comes with a mammoth suction tube for vac'ing leaves and debris. The demo at the show was not set up to show its suction power so I wasn't able to test that part out. If it works well, I can see the benefit of driving the machine to a pile of leaves and vacuuming them onto your truck or into the woods.

      I'm interested to hear if anyone has real-world experience with equipment like this.
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