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Ferris Mower Vs. Scag Mower

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    I cant say enough good things about Ferris. I have a 36" walk behind and it has been great. Looking at getting an evolution this season.


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      For what it's worth and i know it's been a while since the last reply here, but i've got a ferris IS2000Z zero turn, 61" deck with 30hp b&s 'big block' and it is amazing.
      My only regret is the i didn't do this sooner.
      We've been through smaller mowers and ride-ons and i regret not doing this many years ago.
      The ferris is bullet proof, comfortable and we've done things with the ferris that would make the ferris engineers cry in their breakfast, but it keeps going, it keeps cutting and it keeps saving my back with the suspension.


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        My only regret is the i didn't do this sooner.
        What's your view on why you didn't do it sooner? Knowing this may help others in the same position as you once were.
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          Thanks Steve,
          purely the time it saves
          As an example there's one block i cut with a lot of trees in it, with the little tractors it used to take 2-3hrs depending on grass etc
          With the ferris it is 45 MINUTES as you can spin around any obstacle in the seconds, and cut right up to it without taking two or three turns or having to come back with the line trimmer
          Another block that used to take 1hr now takes 11 (eleven) MINUTES
          I know this sounds extreme, however they are my real figures
          The quality of cut is good
          It does take some time to get the hang of using a zero turn if you have never used them before, but they are seriously worth the investment in time to learn
          Maintenance has been good, you shred the cutting belt once in a while but no more and no less than any other ride on
          The suspension on the ferris is another huge factor as it saves your back a lot
          I've used some others without suspension and i really, really question how much of a hit your body takes with them
          I guess it's a case of being spoilt now so going back to anything else would be hard
          The only down side i can say is that you are much more focused on what is in front of you so you do not take in the area around you
          People i used to wave to and see around now come up to me and say 'didn't you see me?'
          And i have to answer that no, i did not, i was too focused on what i was doing and a lot of that is simply the speed that you are cutting at, things happen much more quickly and you have to pay attention all the time
          So it's got my vote and happy to answer any specific questions


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            im from ct too

            Where in ct r u from ive been doing landscaping in ct for 4 years now


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