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  • GopherHaul $1000 off

    Special GopherHaul forum deal on both used stumpgrinders I have in stock. *Take either a $1000 discount or free shipping. *I just installed a new $500 drive belt on the Carlton 7500. *Lease financing for businesses is available from Crest Capital, Direct Capital, or Harbor. *

    Visit my web site: *

    These units are fully operational, need nothing, go right to work. *Hurricane season starts June 1, we usually sell out of inventory on the first storm. *We're installing a new diesel motor on a third self propelled stumpgrinder. *It should be ready next week.

    Vermeer SC752 like new, very low hours. Brand new cost: $37,000, used is $ 25,500 with your discount.

    Carlton 7500 with radio control option

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    Hi Eric,

    Thank you so much for making this offer to our members.

    Can you share with us some of your insight on how a lawn care business owner can best make money with stump grinders?

    How much could they make using such stump grinders.

    I think a little business advice will help open everyone's minds to how they can and should add this piece of equipment to their tool chest.
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      Sure no problem. The first thing you do is put your phone number on the grinder. Especially on the back of the grinder. Get business cards printed with space for a cost estimate you can write in. Going rate in my area is $5 per inch of stump with a $100-150 minimum. Measure the widest part.

      Don't haggle over an inch or two, just write the estimate. With these grinders a 36" stump might take 20 minutes, you figure your hourly rate from there.


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        As you go about your daily routine, keep a sharp eye out for stumps. Knock on doors and leave a card with the estimate, or note the address and mail one with pricing. Contact your local tree services. Even if they have their own grinder, tell them to call if they get too busy or it's broke down.

        Take out a small classified ad for a month or two introducing your service. Hand out cards to your existing customers or mail with their bill. Look for dead trees, they have a habit of leaving a stump later. On the weekend go for a drive with your grinder and listen out for chainsaws. The only reason a chainsaw makes noise is cuttin' trees. Pull up and introduce yourself. There's lots of ways to get work for the machine.

        Golf courses can't have stumps because the mower operators always hit them. It costs more to fix the mower once than grinding the stump to eliminate the problem forever.

        Remember that clean-up and hauling away the debris is EXTRA charge. That's where one of our pick-up dump kits comes in very handy. Dig a big enough stump hole and you can charge to bring them back topsoil to fill it.


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          .....season just started for these guys.

          Tropical Storm Slams Central America
          Posted: 2008-05-29 11:52:37
          Filed Under: World News
          MANAGUA, Nicaragua (May 29) - Tropical Storm Alma lashed the coast of Central America with heavy rains on Thursday after becoming the first such storm of the eastern Pacific season.


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            The $1000 discount doesn't apply to the Vermeer on the home page because I talked the owner down $2000.

            We have another grinder just listed tonight. Linked off the home page. Carlton 4400-4 radio remote, 18 hours on a new motor, with professional repaint, factory decals and trailer.


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              I found another price quote online for stump grinding

              Stump Grinding (Chip) Per Inch of Stump Diameter $ 3.00 /inch.

              This should give everyone another view.

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