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THE quietest trimmers and blowers

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  • THE quietest trimmers and blowers

    I am curious to find out what is the quietest gas trimmer or blower out there. I know that stihl has a back pack blower at only 65db but for a heafty price tag.
    Their new 4-mix equipment from stihl, do know how efficient they are?

    Rate from * to ***** on your recomendation
    let me know what you think for commercial use.

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    Shindaiwa makes a nice 4 stroke trimmer that is pretty quiet. It still uses 50:1 mix and has no oil case, which was a bit of a surprise to me. Anyways, you dont sacrifice much for weight (I think around a pound) which can be important when using it a lot.
    I dont know about quiet blowers.
    Northern California


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      I got a KM90R from Stihl and it is a 4-mix motor and I find it so quiet compared to my regular stihl trimmer...

      I like it very much because I find myself filling it less gas than a regular one.. which makes sence


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        If your looking for quiet..... try using Shindaiwa Silent twist trimmer line..... Wierd design.... I gues the line is more aero dynamic & doesn't make any noise, I didn't really like it because it's so quiet. I use the sound to tell if the line has gotten too short all of a sudden or broken off, With that stuff you can't hear it. So you only hear the motor. The line makes as much noise as the engine so you could effectively cut your sound in half.

        Just a side note.... The shindaiwa speed feed heads a great. You should try these.


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          both lines are very cool. I guess you can combine the easy feed systme and the silent twist line?
          Can you buy that and attach it on any other trimmer? or does it have to be shindaiwa trimmers..

          and is this product sold in canada?


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            It is available for most major brand straight shaft trimmers, I have it on both my Echo trimmers. Yes you can use most any line with them. Actually the blue line that in the head on thesite is silent twist & thats what they come with in them when you buy em', I prefer gatorline myself. Here's a link to one online vender I found (I buy it locally)


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