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Contemplating what walk behind to buy

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  • Contemplating what walk behind to buy

    Guys I was wondering what your thoughts were....

    I want/need t put a 2nd machine one my trailer. I have a 52" commercail zt & want to get a commercial powered walkbehind to serve a couple purposes. *

    1) to get into *smaller gated back yards, I've turned away a few customers lately because I can't get there & refuse to use a little 21" mower to do it.
    2) I get calls or overgrown lawns & I either have to remove the mulch kit from my Zt to do it or rent a machine. *I'd rather beat up a cheaper/smaller machine than abuse my money maker on these.
    3) to have as a back up in case of downtime on my big machine.

    I don't have much room on my trailer only about 5 1/2 feet lenthwise to fit it on. *& I don't anticipate that I'd use it much. *probably less than 4 hours a month.

    I've looked at used machines & was tryin to find a 36" machine in good shape. *I've found only junk on it's last leg.

    I went to home depot yesterday for some household stuff & came across one of these.

    I'm not a big fan of cub cadet & I know that you get what you pay for. *It's just not in the budget to drop $3,000 on a machine that won't be used much.

    I did think it had one inovation on it that is really nice. A deck washing system... *How cool is that!?

    Check it out here.

    What do you think I should do / buy?
    Thanks for the feedback gang!

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    If you're not using it much, then I don't see the problem going with the lesser quality machine. That deck washing thing does look pretty cool...any idea how it works?


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      I just bought a cub with deck has an adapter to hook on a hose then on the turn on the water then turn on the blades and the blades whip around the water to clean off the deck.


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        The more I think about that It also seems like a good way to ruin a deck quick.
        Guaranteed to rust clean through in no time flat!
        I don't know how often I would use it.


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          Chuck would that be considered a commercial model or consumer model?

          I think me and Rick were talking about the differences in a post a little while back and the consumer models life span is about 1/10th that of a commercial.
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            I don't really know, It says commercial width & Talks about getting a quality of cut like the pros so bettween that & the fact that it is a thinner 1 piece stamped out deck, I assume this is a residential grade piece of equipment. I know I'd be getting like you said 1/10th the quality for 1/3rd the price. & that stinks. But it is new & would at least reliably start for me for a good long time...? I'd rather go big or go home & I did that with the zt 10 months ago but it's too big for some yards! Ahhh crap.... I know if I was reading this post I'd probably say don't waste your money on residential junk & I'm sure that's good advise. I was fighting with my self trying to get off cheap on this one. I guess I was hoping for more posts like Daves lol..... I hate to spend big bucks, it'll take years to pay for itself. I DON'T LIKE WALKIN' EM. I WON'T USE THIS ALOT...... I just wanna be able to accept some lawns I would now have to turn down to fill in dead spots in a couple routes.


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              I use a consumer mower and have never had a single problem with it, mind you, I work for 4 months a year. It really depends on how much you're going to use it.


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                For the amount that you would be using it, I would say go with the CC. You wont be able to beat the price on a new machine. Even though it is a residential mower for only about 1 hour a week It should last you for several years.


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