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  • Pressure washer

    We are considering buying one, we dont have any experience on this but would like to learn more.

    we saw a briggs and stratton 2200 max psi 550 series 10' nover flat wheels. for $259

    would this get the job done? as far as most residental jobs... such as sidewalks, houses, etc

    which one do you have?

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    well B&S tends to have a reliable engine and the price seems pretty good. They usually come with 3 different nozzles (careful on which one your use to was the truck) to get most jobs done. I don't know how sturdy the pumps are on them...might not want to run them for very long periods of time (not a commercial machine).

    For the price I would say go for it...for the use, I am not too sure. What do you plan on using the unit for? Household or as a working unit? If you want to use it on the jobs you may want to upgrade to something a little more rugged.


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      I know gas is expensive but you might consider getting a gas one since you don't have to unplug or plug yourself in each time you want to move it.


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