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Lease or buy? What's your view?

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  • Lease or buy? What's your view?

    When it comes to work trucks, do you prefer lease or own?

    This article shares a little insight into the debate.

    Your business vehicle: lease or own? - Ownership makes more sense if the vehicle will get heavy use. Most leases have 10,000- or 12,000-mile annual limits
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    I would think in this industry buying would be better Steve.
    Even if you can keep the milage from going over the limit to avoid getting hammered when you turn the truck in we to really USE these trucks as trucks. We are not consultants like the gentlman in the add. We are loading unkown quantities of brush, yard waste, new plants & trees in & out of our vehicles all the time. They're bound to get scratched & dinged up & you'd get charged for that too. Plus if you lease a truck, letter it up & have it for 3 years, when you peel the lettering & logos off the paint the sun has probably faded the truck some but not under those letters! You might even get charged for a paint job! The rates a dealership charges for things like that are insane. Example: If you turn in a lease with less than 4/32 of tread on the tires (& all 4 have to be matching brand) you will be charged for new tires, but not at going rate OH NO! If the vehicles tires would be say $400 retail you'll probably pay $600-700 for the set after you turn the lease in & there's not a #### thing you can do about it at that point. I say for this business buy it, take good care f it, & run it til the wheels fall off!


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