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Is this a good deal??

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  • Is this a good deal??

    Im 22 years old and have worked for a landscaping company for 3 previous summers. This year I decided that I want to start my own bussiness. I am looking right now at a 2002 scag turf tiger 52 inch with 800 hours, scag 36 inch walk behind belt driven, an enclosed 12 foot trailer, along with blowers, weedwackers, edgers. Basically everything that I need to get started. Shes asking 8000 dollars for the package. Do you think that this is a good deal for me to get started? Thanks for your help. Im new to this site, but I am quickly falling in love with it!! ThankYou.


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    I would offer her 4000 and see what she says. It seems like if you had 8000 to spend, you could get a lot of really nice (NEW) stuff.
    Northern California


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      Price it out though.... To buy that new the 52" along your probably $8500 minimum, Another $1200-1500 FOR THE 36"
      , new enclosed trailer... *guessing $3000 +? *Then all the hand tools....
      Granted she wants to sell it & it's easier for her to sell it all at once than peice it out. *But I would try to lowball it first she needs/wants the cash right? *I'd try $6000 & see what she says. *You might get a steal!


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