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Mowing culverts

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  • Mowing culverts

    How does everyone mow there culverts?It takes so long to run down them with a line trimmer.some of my properties have 400 or more feet of them.Cant get too close with the mower and run the risk of getting stuck.
    I saw this attatchment but I really dont feel like welding something on my mower 61" bobcat ztr

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    Is that a flex-deck attachment? Do you have to weld to the deck to attach it?
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      It is a flex deck. I scanned the mounting instructions fast and it is $1200.00 and looks like too many modifications have to be made to your main deck (cutting and welding)


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        This is from flexdeck site
        "For Individuals with No Close Dealers
        If you are interested in the FLEX-Deck Trimming Attachment
        1. You must be able to weld or know someone who does
        2. For $1295 (includes shipping) we will ship a FLEX-DECK and all fixturing and manuals necessary for installation
        3. As owners have found, the first installation is time consuming (3-4 hours), but soon will only take 1-2 hours.
        4. Click Here To Contact Us - send us your name, address, and phone.
        You may also order by calling us at 319-572-2814."
        It looks like they might be changing the design in how its mouted. Im sure you will still have to mod you mower


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          If culverts are a big deal to your business, consider purchasing a hydrostatic walkbehind.

          Walkbehinds handle slopes better than any mowers I've ever used. Choosing hydrostatic over belt driven reduces the amount of slipping caused by mud and water getting into the belt drive assembly. Keep new knobby tires on your wheels. If the culverts you work are crazy steep, it is possible to add a second set of wheels to the outside of your existing wheels making for better traction.

          You might also look for a slope mower made by Kwikcut. Those mowers are super tough and built for the type of work you describe. I've used one but never owned one.

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            You could use one of those big wheel line trimmers, * They are set up kinda like a walkbehind *mower with only 2 large wheels at the rear. *Uses rear heavy line & can cut like a 20-24" swath. *good for steep hills & moderate brush clearing/ field mowing.

            Found some info on the basic type of machine I was talking about.


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              The only problem whith most of the wheeled mowers is the culverts are usually wet and soft.Some of them are less than 2 feet wide but 2 feet deep.


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