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    ok, Is there any tipe of CAN that I can Use for my Scag to DRAIN the oil or some sort of Funel that I can used, cuz every time I change the motor oil I make a huge mess all over the patio and oil runs down the driveway - the dog start smelling and paw prints are all over, and Im trying to stop the oil from draining by putting back the screw/Cap but is to hot! at the same time the mower gets all dirty for the same oil........ ARGH! really a big mess, dont mention the clean up!...
    So I tried to use a Funnel so the oil drains to the can I have on the ground but the pressure that the oil comes out overflows FROM the funnel and Again a made a big mess.
    Please HELP!
    36\" Scag Kohler 15Hp Walk-Behind
    Toro Trimmer
    Echo PE-200 Edger
    Stihl BG 55 Blower

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    Hi Fernando

    What I do is I put the floor jack unders one side so as to tilt it to the plug side and let it drain into a hosiptal wash pan.

    hope this helps the next time you need to change oil

    good luck Tim


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      You can purchase an oil drain extention tube. These tubes are 4" to 6" long. Next time you have finished draining your oil, screw one end of the tube into the dain plug hole. The other end is capped with a screw plug.

      Then when you are ready to change your oil again, you unscrew the plug at the end of the tube and the oil drains away from you mower.

      For a catch basin, I use one of those large round oil containers. You can buy them at a retail store for about $10.

      Afterward, take the spent oil to Advanced Auto or Auto Zone for free recycling.

      Start a profitable lawn care business.


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