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    My string trimmer was recently stolen so I'm in the market for a new one. I'm looking at Stihl and Echo but don't know which one is better. Stihl is more expensive but is it worth the extra cash or is the Echo just as good? Thanks for your advice.

    Bryson McLemore,

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    For trimmers I like echo so far. You can go buy a SRM-210 for $200 and they seem to do just great. I've got 2 of them.
    everything else except my blower is Stihl.
    I'm going to be getting a smaller Echo hedge trimmer though.
    I used to work at a Echo dealer though so I like them.
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      I also have an Echo SRM-210. Can't seem to kill it, just keeps on running. I also have another Echo product, a chainsaw that I've owned and used for over 20 yrs. Worn out one bar and a bunch of chains. Echo is good stuff. Seems all they need is a spark plug once in a while.


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        Ive got the Echo SRM-211 and it runs like a champ. I would bet that the Stihl is just as good or even better, but is it worth the extra money...probably not. I use Stihl saws and they are probably the best on the market. Either way you cant go wrong, but if you are on a budget, def. get the Echo.
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          Buddy of mine has been in business for 10 years... works by himself (except the occasional job when he has me or his son come help him)... which means that for the most part, he is the only person to use his equipment. He JUST had to replace his edger... same mower, same weed eater, same hedge trimmers... and only replaced his blower once in ten years... he runs all Stihl (the mower's a Scag).

          I think you can make ANY of them run forever.... as long as you take GOOD care of them...


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            Hi Bryson,

            I am sorry to hear your equipment got stolen. Could you tell us a little about what happened so others can learn from the situation and they will be better able to defend themselves against thefts?
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              Sure, I had my equiptment on the racks on my trailer. My trailer was parked right next to my house. I had been parking it there for about a month and thought it was pretty safe. I guess I thought wrong. I was preparing to go to a big clean-up job that morning and notices the pins on the ground and couldn't figure out why there were there. It didn't click in my head at first. Luckily I had a back-up my old craftsman i bought for around the house. I didn't have any locks on the pins. You can be assured I always unload my trailer at the end of everyday now. It's a lot more work but worth the effort I suppose. One day I hope to get an enclosed trailer so I don't have to worry about this things, but as I'm barely over my first year into this it may take me a while. Until then it's just a little more work and effort to secure the equiptment.


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                Thank you for sharing that story. How well do you think this rack locks work? Are they worth it? Would you recommend them or would you recommend saving and going right to an enclosed trailer?
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