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    best way I found is to only attempt to get the ones already on your route. I took an enterprise job one year with 4 different locations, and I took so long getting those done with all the driving, that my other customers suffered.


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      Thanks Billz for the info. Can anyone else add some info about bidding for sidewalks and driveways only? Denver (at least my part of town) does not remove snow from the sidewalks. I am also assuming I'll be salting the walkways. Lots of kids catching the buses!


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        how does everyone else bid? I am higher than some here, and most people want a full season price...winter can get too unpredictable here.


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          Yah, how does everyone else bid? I am thinking monthly billing like my lawn service but the seasonal bid sounds more effective to lock people in for the year. Plus, if there is no snow say in November and they get a bill anyway, well.... Better out of sight, out of mind in that case. Perhaps a monthly billing would be a higher charge, so upon presenting the seasonal option they are getting a better value (win-win) and we are not possibly chasing money, etc...
          So maybe I need to figure out costs myself. Based on Billz info and my lawn contracts info with mainly front sidewalks and porch steps, I'm thinking around $125 monthly or $500 season (Nov thru Mar).
          Anyone care to jump in and give their opinion of this?


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