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    Here is a question sent to us from our friend Matt.

    Quote[/b] ]hey I watched a bunch of your videos and what not.. As of now I own a pest control company but I've come to find that a ton of my customers are having trugreen fertilize their lawns. Therefore I'm looking to start a fertilizer company as well. I have looked into a bunch of different options and ideas. I already have a dollar bill sized ad set up in the phone book starting in 08' so I have to put together the rest of the information and equipment. I already sent in for the licensing, books and information. I have the insurance ready to go I just have to go sign the papers, and I've looked at 300 gallon sprayers with electric reals and a 5.5hp motor. My girlfriends dad is related to a chemical company owner in northern WI so I'll be able to get the chemicals from him, but I was unsure of what I need. (I'll be able to figure it out from him) unless you know. What other ideas / equipment / etc do I need to be great in this area?

    Can anyone help Matt with the type of equipment he will need?
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