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  • Walk behind mowers

    I've landed 12 new accounts this week along the coast. Due to the lay of the land, think Maine and rocky shores, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get a 36 inch walk behind. No way I can use the Ferris in 10 of the yards, but I could do all with the 36 w/o any problem. I've been putting it off as long as possible since it will also require my obtaining a bigger trailer. Think domino effect....

    Until now I never really considered getting a 36. The main feature I need is maneuverability as I have to work with some slopes, tight quarters, and obstructions. Any pros and cons for makes, models, features?

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    Back to the top. Still looking for any insight, 36 inch vs 48 inch, as well.


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      I used to have a 32", and the main thing that I noticed with the smaller models is how light the front end is. That is why you notice some models will have weights to put on the front castors


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