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    I know that everyone is in agreement that buying the biggest trailer you can afford is the best option.

    My question has to do with a mere 1 foot difference. I think I already know the answer but I welcome comments/suggestions.

    I have found a 6x12 for $1400 but a 7x12 (same place) for $1350. They are identical except for the extra 1 foot and yet cheaper by $50. I'm not sure I understand the pricing but anyway - any reason why I shouldn't buy the 7x12 as apposed to the 6x12? They both have a split rear gate, a side gate, 15" tires and around 2000lb+ payload capacity.


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    Are they made differently. Is one stronger structurally than the other? I just built a 6x12 that I will be taking pictures of to show everyone. The only thing that might keep me from buying the 7x12 would be turning issues. That extra foot can make a big difference in hitting that curb, or not. I would check the frame of the two and compare them.
    Northern California


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      Very often when someone buys a trailer, they come back onto the forum in a relatively short time and advise the readers, to buy a bigger trailer than you think you need now because they tend to be out grown rather quickly.

      So based on previous posts, I would say go with the larger one.

      Littles I am looking forwards to seeing your pics!
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        Go with the wider trailer. Just be sure it can carry the weight of your stuff.


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          Thanks guys!


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            I would check with the axel, whether the tires are new, the type of wiring is done, etc. Just because it's cheaper doesn't always mean its the best.

            I know of one trailer dealer around here that sells the trailers dirt cheap. But, there is no wiring done for the lights and the tires on them are used.


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              One other thing that I just thought about is make sure where the position of the axel is at on the trailer; that can effect towing big time, and also check to see whether the trailer is actually sprung or not. That could be why they are selling it so cheap.


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