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Battery troubleshooting?

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  • Battery troubleshooting?

    Hey guys, sounds dumb...but....
    My jeep battery connection are getting corrsion on the conections. I just cleaned them the other day with a can of coke and a bristle brush.

    My battery is not charging . I jump it with a battery box and it fires right up, I ran it awhile drove it home and turned it off. The battery would not start. Do you think it could be the alternator or just a bad battery?

    I am hoping to take it to auto-zone tommorow to have them test it. Hopefully its a bad battery and I wont have to mess with Removing and replacing my alternator!

    Any help or insight would be welcomed!
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    It seems a lot of times they go at about the same time. If the battery is dying it puts a strain on the alternator and can kill it. If the alternator is going, the battery never gets a chance to fully charge.

    Does your jeep have a volt meter?

    I would think if you charged your battery for a bit and it still wouldn't get the truck started then I would replace it. Were you able to charge it up?
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      Start the jeep and while it is running, unhook one battery cable. If the jeep still runs, the alternator is fine and the battery isn't any good.

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