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  • mower smog laws

    10% of smog might come from garden equipment? I never thought it could possibly be that high! WOW!

    What's your view? Is this a snap shot of things to come?

    Emission limits proposed for lawn mowers - Those polluting engine-powered mowers that are a staple of suburban lawn care would become much cleaner under emission limits proposed Tuesday.

    The regulators' proposal follows a long-running dispute between California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Missouri Republican Sen. Kit Bond, who has sought to block the change in order to protect Briggs & Stratton Corp., a small-engine maker in his home state.

    Walk-behind and riding mowers, and other garden equipment account for up to 10 percent of summertime smog-forming emissions from mobile sources in some parts of the country.
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    As of right now, I am a big supporter of "going green" as I call it. It's time that we start to change our ways or we will not have anything left come the future.


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