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    I have a bit of a problem that I wanted to see if anyone could give some advice about. The temps. here have been in the 70-80 range for a few weeks. Last night it suddenly got down to 28 degrees and this morning I went to a customers house and couldn't get my walk-behind started. I tugged and tugged at the cord but it didn't even attempt to start. Usually my mower statrts up on the first pull. I then decided to pull out the little push mower but that wouldn't start either. I ended up leaving the job and I am sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get my work done today. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    A lot of times during the cold temps equipment may either take a long time to start or not even start at all. I remember some springs in particular where it took 30-40 pulls before the mower finally started. But also be careful when starting equipment in colder weather, it is also a good way to blow a rod


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      Do you kept than inside. If you do than start inside and take than out to warm up. And go to work.



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        The fuel can be the problem. *Warmer weather blends, which are likely now in your area given the temps you have, can lead to difficulty starting on carburetored engines when the temps drop like the extremes you are having. *Has to do with the fuel volatility and a few additives thrown in for good measure. *Works the other way too with cold temp fuels in hot weather.

        Fuel injected engines don't seem to mind it as much. *Have warm weather fuel sitting in my EFI motorcyle, starts up just fine in the cold.


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