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  • Blowers

    I'm looking for some feedback on back pack vs wheeled leaf blowers. My preference is to not carry stuff on my back mainly because of a previous work related low back injury. I can do it, but I'd rather not push the issue.

    I like the portability of the back pack. But I dislike the noise right behind me. Can be a pain to get on and off at times. Cost is a plus.

    The wheeled style has lots more power and with the right tires can go anywhere. Cost is a big negative.

    Most of the yards are level. Leaf blowing as well as blowing sidewalks and driveways of detritus is a given. Also have three commercial lots to keep clean.

    So what are you using? What steered you to that style or make?

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    I dont have any wheel blowers, maybe next year. But I have heard a few guys swear by them, some of them say they rather just use a wheel blower for everything, including blowing grass off walks. Sorry I cant help you much, but a few people love them more than backpacks.
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