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Forced to replace leaf blowers?

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  • Forced to replace leaf blowers?

    Has your community created any laws yet that force you to replace older leaf blowers?

    Public gets a chance to comment on Westchester's proposed leaf-blowing law - Gary Brown, the county's director of consumer protection, will speak at the public hearing on behalf of Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano, who proposed the new law to the county Board of Legislators.

    "It gives contractors a couple of years to replace their machines because the law wouldn't go into effect until January of 2009," Brown said yesterday. "But there's no question that the use of these newer machines is going to exponentially decrease the amount of pollution that they emit."
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    I say let the EPA phase them in, its just around the corner anyway.


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      Hopefully they don't completely ban them and the companies get stabbed in the back like what happened out in California. In a nutshell, the city wanted all of the blowers replaced with a lower pollution level. So all of the companies agreed and switched. Then a month or so after they switched, the city decided to ban all blowers. There is a big lawsuit going on right now with it. Companies are demanding that the city pay them for the blowers that they "had" to buy.


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        Man that would stink. (note to self: Dont get to good at the blower) in case that happen I don't want to get stuck with the raking and sweeping job.


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