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  • Seaon up or Down

    How is your snow removal going so far this year? Is it up or down?

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    DOWN...Way DOWN!! Only been out one time this year.


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      Well, As of January 5th, I had only plowed 2 times. Now I have plowed 16 times... same as last year, and looking to plow about 8 more times, I least. The payments have started to arrive, and no one else is complaining that I am just a thief, trying to steal their seasonal money, and never having to


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        Did you see NY state got buried in 2 feet of snow today and yesterday.

        An 'unreal amount of snow' in U.S.
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          Is there anything different that you plan on doing next year because of the snow or lack there of?

          I saw that about New York. I read a report that by the end of the week they could receive a total of 100 inches of snow in just the past 1 1/2 weeks


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            They got the 100 inches. Wow.
            I fully expect that lawn maintenance companies are going to change their markets this coming year. For markets with little or no snow, in the past, those without the monthly contracts tended to lower bids for spring to try to make up for lost revenue. The other possible change, although less likely is that some monthly accounts may want to change to per time. I even ran into 3 properties (commercial) that want per time bidding for mowing and snow plowing. Haven't had a per time mow bid in a long time.


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              That is pretty amazing. How have you bid out per time before?


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