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Cold Temps and Wind

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  • Cold Temps and Wind

    Man it is a cold one here this weekend. Highs today were 11, and tomorro only to supposed to be 3. With the snow and wind gusts of 28mph, it feels like -30.

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    WOW! Have you been out much plowing or salting?
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      Ya, went out early in the morning for the commerical accounts, and then went out around 4pm for the residential accounts.

      With all the winds and everything will have to go out tomorrow morning again. Not looking forward to those cold temps


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        Man, what a mess. We got 12-16 inches of snow in Grand Rapids, and it was so cold, the defrosters in my truck couldn't melt the snow on my windshield. The windchill Saturday was -30, and -25 now...roads are snowpacked bad, traffic is crawling everywhere... There were 3 30 or more car pileups here on saturday...I plowed 40 of 48 hours....looking forward to 4 hours of sleep, before I need to go clear some parking spots at some apt complexes. Have I ever mentioned that I hate plowing?!?!


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          That is just crazy! I know what you mean by the heaters. My heater really didn't start working until after an hour of running the truck.

          I lost a piece of skin this morning when my finger stuck to the windsheild wiper blades when I was trying to bang them clean. It was -11 this morning without the windchill


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