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  • Selling Light Bar


    65 inch long x aprox. 10.5 wide x 4 inch tall
    4 Amber Strobes (each corner)
    4 Amber Flashers (2 front 2 rear)
    2 Clear Worklights (rear)
    2 *Red Brake/Turn (rear)

    Control Box w/4 Switches (each fused) (signal brand) Lighted switchs & face. (same box is used in police cars acrost the you know its going to be reliable)

    40 AMP Fuse & holder (wired in ready to mount), Wire as in pictures, Bracket to mount control box.

    Mounting kit also aval. (was on a "Back rack").

    $900.00 OBO
    Please contact me through PM or E-Mail.

    Thank You.

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    Its on eBay if anyone wants it...
    Auction # 180060164008


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      eBay says "it looks like it can be used for law enforcement use, and there for not alowed"

      so its still for sale...I used to get customers from this!
      It makes your truck stand out, also great for parades, and for safety!..

      You cant buy anything even close to this for the price.
      You can see them for a LONG distance. I have NEVER saw a truck with brighter lights! even bighter then the state & county trucks (in michigan)



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        EBAY pulled it?

        That's crazy! So what if it can be used for law enforcement. What if you were an emergency volunteer? Certain states allow them to use both blue and red lights! I can't believe it!

        Maybe try craigslist too?
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          I can not believe that ebay pulled that. That is horrible!


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            The only red lights in it are 2 on the rear, which are brake lights and turn sig.
            The rest are amber, besides 2 which are clear.

            I have never thought...Wow flashing AMBER lights..i better pull over since its the police.

            Even if you look at the red lights...they are on the rear, they dont flash unless you brake or turn your turn sig. on (or hazards)..If they were on the front i could see what they are saying...wouldnt argee still..but i would understand.

            THe auction has been close to ending (within an hour) 3 times..and they close it just before its finished!

            I have a few people who have said they want i am just waiting to see who gets the $ to me 1st.

            Its a great deal for someone, I paid over $2000 for it and its still in perfect condition.


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              180074973533 on ebay again...reserve is $600
              this is a steal for someone who can use them.

              Easy to hook up, will def. get you noticed!
              EVERY time it snows we picked up new customers that saw us working on someone elses property...but the first thing they always say is "i saw the lights" and then your sales skills do the rest.
              Great for parking on main roads..
              No matter the snow conditions people WILL see you from a distance!

              I can explain how to hook it up, what wires go where, etc.

              comes with EVERTHING you need to use it..all wire, control box, fuses, etc.

              Any querstions let me know.


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                Curent bid is at $510

                the reserve has been lowered it is at..
                $511.00 USD


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