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  • Screaming for snow?

    It seems like a lot of businesses are really hurting due to the lack of snow. This company lost out on over a half million dollars! WOW!

    <a href=" N2Y3dnFlZUVFeXk3MDU4ODI3JnlyaXJ5N2Y3MTdmN3ZxZWVFRX l5Mw
    ==" target="_blank"> Bad for business</a> - These usually keep Tom Canete busy during the winter when Canete Landscaping on Black Oak Ridge Road transitions into Canete Snow Management Inc. But with unseasonably mild temperatures lately, reaching a rainy 47 degrees on Sunday, Canete&#39;s 30-some snowplows have been idle.

    "We&#39;re very, very bored and we&#39;re very anxious," he said about getting back to work.

    Canete said that he&#39;s done no plowing or salting this year. His firewood has also remained mostly stacked, selling only lightly, and he&#39;s had to cut some employees&#39; hours and lay off others.

    Though Canete has had some minor landscaping work, the profits will pale in comparison to the roughly &#036;500,000 to &#036;700,000 he made in 2006 in snow-related business.
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    Thats a ton of money to lose pal, hope they get some of it back over the next few months...yikes
    This lack of snow is killing these guys up here in the North East also.
    I feel for them all Team Gopher.


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      I learned years ago that you need to have multiple payment options in place to make sure that you do not suffer during the winter months. Anything from pre-payment, flat monthly rates, and per push charges.


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