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More snow on the way?

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  • More snow on the way?

    It looks like more snow made it to Wisconsin.

    More snow - No sooner was Monday morning's snow settling on the ground when a bunch of people in trucks with snowplows attacked it.

    Most of those people have been waiting weeks, even months, for this snow to arrive. A lot of private snow plow drivers are landscapers during the summer, and it's snow that keeps the paychecks coming.

    That's why most drivers attacked the snow with welcome zeal. Jerry Schumacher of Vande Hey's Landscaping says his crews couldn't wait to get out to plow open parking lots and private drives.
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    It was kind of a welcome site here to see snow. Sure, I would rather have a green winter, but it was nice. I tell you one thing though that I noticed, I was out of shape big time after I finished working on Monday. I was in bed early, around 8pm because I was so tired.


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