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Decoration display time extended?

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  • Decoration display time extended?

    This is something else to think about when it comes to offering holiday display/decorations. The season for displaying them seems to be getting longer. In this article they mention they are putting up Christmas displays after Halloween.

    That seems good for business. Have you noticed this too?

    Businesses deck the halls - Home and lawn decorations have become a major holiday business, as the holiday season begins earlier each year. Jim and Lea Sharp of Sharp Lawns in Mooresville said they have seen an increase in competition for holiday decorating business, but it doesn’t compare to the competition in the lawn care business, their warmer weather service. Christmas light decorating season is a short but profitable time, Lea said, though the time span seems to get longer every year.

    “When we first started, people would say, ‘We can’t have it before Thanksgiving,’ but now if it’s after Halloween, it’s boom! Everyone wants something up,” she said.

    Sharp Lawns has about 30 clients in the Mooresville area, including Gray’s Cafeteria, but they mostly serve residential areas in Morgan, Johnson and Hendricks counties, she said. With more dual-income households and parents attending children’s after-school activities, she said, the demand for an outdoor décor service has grown.

    Weather doesn’t deter the business from stringing up lights and decorations, but high winds mean more house calls to repair wind-damaged displays, she said. Though people begin hanging lights earlier each year, she said Sharp Lawns has made house calls as late as Dec. 22.

    The desire to keep up with neighboring displays might play a part in the increasing demand for professional lighting services, she said.

    “People will say to me, ‘I want mine to look like the Griswolds’’” of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” she said. “We don’t do that, we do it a lot better looking than that.”

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