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Plowing for Profit: Snow removal sporadic service

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  • Plowing for Profit: Snow removal sporadic service

    How is your snow plowing business doing lately?

    Plowing for Profit: Snow removal sporadic service - All available equipment in the Tulsa area has been put to use since Thursday.

    Got a driveway or parking lot full of snow you want cleared? Get ready for a long wait.

    Tulsa-area companies that offer snow removal services scrambled to clear away the wintery mess for clients Thursday and Friday but were overwhelmed with far more calls than they could cover.

    Frannie Hollan of Harley Hollan Cos. said Friday that snow removal vehicles are booked through Monday.

    "It's unbelievable how many people have called day and night," she said. "I think a lot of people were caught by surprise."

    Braden Wilkie, owner of Blooming Dale's Lawn & Landscape, said his company has been getting one call every 45 seconds. He was planning to operate a truck through the night.

    "This is a whole lot more snow than we've worked with in the past," Wilkie said.

    Hollan said her ten plows have to stop working at sundown due to the layer of freezing rain that preceded the snow, as well as melted snow that refreezes overnight.

    "Once it freezes again, there's nothing we can do," she said. "The ice is impossible to work with. This has been the worst one we've ever dealt with."

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    In a way it's kind of funny. I always laugh inside whenever I see the southern states get snow, and watching news clips on them driving in it.

    But they probably laugh at us when we complain about 95 degree weather


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