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Bi-fold ramp?

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  • Bi-fold ramp?

    Hey guys, so I'm building this custom flatbed on a medium duty truck I got to run my business off of. I'm finishing up the rails then going on to build the ramp. I'm wanting to use a 2 part bi-fold ramp because my trucks a little taller than most trailers and I need a 8' ramp to match the 10 angle on the bed. Any good plans for a bi-fold ramp that will hold 0 turns? Or do you think I should just go with a single 6' ramp? I'm just worried about bottoming out my mower.

    And before yall go off on mr using such a large truck starting out, I got it for $500 and I have a total curb weight of 26,000lb with it and have 260 square foot of hauling room on the bed. Not to mention at 29' its shorter and easier to back up than a truck and trailer lol. It will give me something to grow into and I already drive medium duty trucks for a living deliveringlumber

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    Could you go with a dovetail ramp type design?
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