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Ride On Spreader/Sprayer or Skid?

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  • Ride On Spreader/Sprayer or Skid?

    I can't decide which route to go with. I'm looking at both ride on spreader/sprayers and skid sprayers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'm in Upstate SC so we have hills here so I'm not sure how the ride on would do. Any advice on how they handle hills and if one type of ride on stands out above the other? I've also looked at just doing a Northstar Skid until I can build up the business more and then get something more reliable. Anyone have some reviews on that?

    Side note here, anyone had any dealings with Kawasaki and their warranty? I've got an Exmark Vantage, had it for less than a year. It's acting up real bad. Carb has gone bad. A piece inside broke off but the mechanic won't replace the carb. Its got to be under warranty but they won't replace it. Just seeing if anyone had any advice in that area too. I've taken it to the mechanic 3 times now. I'm getting pissed at this point.

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    I dont know how hilly the properties you are working on are. What are you using to mow them? The exmark vantage? That is a stander, isnt it? Is it comfortable on those hills? If so, couldn't you use a rideon spreader? There are also after market spreader attachments available. Maybe something like this?
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