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anyone interested in a Z-Max?

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  • anyone interested in a Z-Max?

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here, feel free to delete. I just saw another post redirecting it to here.

    Went into full on heart failure winter '14, and after a year & a half+, I'm just not going to be able to keep doing lawns & landscaping. Breaks my heart, but I'm getting rid of some of my equipment. I just wanna try to get my investment back in this thing as I bought it literally months before my heart said "gotcha!", and frankly, it'll pay off a couple medical bills lol.

    I'm asking $3500, but will entertain any reasonable offers. The thing runs great, I would replace the boom to a new style, I hate these old style ones, but it still works. The pump either needs replaced or needs work, haven't had the juice to figure it out yet, the dial on the fertilizer needs replaced, and one of the caps is missing. Those are the faults. Pretty quick & cheap fixes, just didn't get to em. I just want someone to get good use out of this. I got a good deal on it & want to pass that forward to maybe someone who's not sure or can't do 5-10k for one.

    I have pics upon email request since the attachment req's are pretty restricting here.

    Located in Washington, KS 66968 Not real keen on delivery too awful far from home.

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    Have you considered at all keeping your business running but hiring people and managing them instead or do you see that as too much stress?
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      Great little dirt track in Washington, Kansas.

      Very small area you are in so gonna be tricky. This is no joke, if you have ever heard the saying, "The middle of BFE", he really is about 3 miles from exactly in the middle of BFE. lol Good luck selling it.

      If possible, I might try what Steve suggested.


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        Lol yea people from all over love the track here.

        Yea that's been the problem. Literal BFE lol. Only reason I did so well here was because I was the only one offering the services, and I was my only employee. When I got sick, I let my spray license & insurances lapse after 6 months of realizing ok, ain't gonna get out & work in the heat anymore.

        Really, all I'm still able to do is mow, & that's only barely. The real grrr part was that next year I was on track for a killer year, by FAR the best year yet. But hey, they caught my heart in time & I'm still here, so can't complain.

        Thanks for the suggestions tho guys!


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          I'd say you will need to deliver it. But I would not meet at a public place. Talk to them on the phone and get their home address. That way they can't stand you up. If possible, have a few different people lined up to see it on the same day in the same town. If you sell it on the 1st try.... call the other guys and tell them it just sold. I wouldn't drive anywhere just to see 1 guy.

          Lincoln, Nebraska isn't that far (that's where we drove from when we went racing there). St. Jo is about the same distance. If no luck there.... Olathe/Overland Park will surely get it sold.

          Not sure what it is now, may be the same, Rod's Outdoors (?) in Lincoln might do a consignment deal or maybe someone in the Olathe/Overland Park area might do one. Lots of people with enough money in Olathe/Overland Park.


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