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    I used to use a WB 12 hours a day mowing cemetery's working for the county. Yes we mowed with Lesco WB due to their size and manueverability. They were all old and ran like a top. Needless to say Lesco/ JD used to make damn good equipment.

    On to other things. I have picked up a lot of residential accounts and needed something better than a couple toro self propelled mowers.

    So I went and bought a 32" Gravely ( all I choose to run) walk behind. It is belt driven wasn't going to spend an extra $3,000 for a hydro not worth it. I got this mower for $2,000 brand new. That's over $1,000 below msrp. Guy was trying to off load it. Said he thought it would sell but he is in downtown Houston and doesn't sell mowers that size like he thought he would. Said I called on the right day.

    This machine is awesome the cut quality is second to none.

    And reverse assist? What reverse assist? That thing will run you over.

    The only thing i don't like is it isn't key start. But it has a key so I will fix that for under $100.

    I know everyone is going to hydros but I couldn't pass this deal up. I'm trying to invest little at a time and have good income at low cost and then make purchases like hydros.

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    hydros are a little faster and good with sulkies but it comes with additional expense. Not only is it more upfront but you have to change the oil, filters and if one craps out $400 and possibly another $400 for wheel motor. With a small mower like that it shouldnt make a difference but with a larger 52-61 it helps with the additional torque.

    My only walkbehind was belt drive and it held up good. I think I replaced the belt once in 3 years. Just make sure you let off engage when shifting. If you dont youll ruin the gears.


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      Yes sir. I wanted a hydro drive but i dont lile buying used. Never know what your getting. Guy had a gravely 32 in hydro wb with 55 hrs on it for $1500. I missed it by a day or so. I was solo pissed but wasn't going to pay 5,000+ for a new hydro when I got this belt for 2,000 out the door.

      The only problem I have with velkies on smaller areas is no feet on the ground if something goes wrong. But I'm working on it. I'm trying to get to where you guys are.


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