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    does anyone use Simple Green concentrate cleaner on mowers ? and if you do how do you use ? Do you cut it with water or keep it concentrated. I saw the mechanic at the shop spraying it out of a backpack sprayer but i dont know if it was cut. It worked really well though.

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    We have had a few discussions on this product in the past, but I am guessing with the lack of response so far that it's not used much by the members?
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      I used it for pressure washing and didnt like it. The label tells you to mix it 10 to 1 or 20 to 1 but it only seems effective concentrated.


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        simple green is a good cleaner but not great. I use it first when cleaning then step it up as needed. It's safe and cheap. I use it 5to1 then wash away. You should try it out it's only like $10 a gallon and you will find a uses for it


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          I use it, hit mower with pressure washer, then spray !00% concentrate with gallon sprayer, then hit again with pressure washer. Repeat in those stubborn spots. lol

          Good idea to hit all grease fittings afterwards. I also run my mowers good to dry them out before loading back up.

          No need to put it in your back pack sprayer, it doesn't take much to get the job done. I also sometimes use Purple Stuff, it works just as well.
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