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Exmark vs GrassHopper

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  • Exmark vs GrassHopper

    hey everyone i need some advice!
    im 18 and have been doing lawn work for 7 years now. back in the day before driving my grandfather would carry me around and i used his mower and trailer but had bought my own weedeater and blower. this last year was a great year for me! i bought my own 42 inch murray bought a 6x14 trailer with weedeater rack and mesh box for 900 dollars and was given a 48 inch johndeere when my great grandfather passed away. those 2 mowers that trailer and a stihl weedeater and blower was my set up last year. i also grew in business gaining new clients and doing many landscape jobs as well, i even hired me a helper about half way through the season.

    after that long story it comes down to this..
    this year i am looking at purchasing either an exmark lazer z or a grasshopper midmount both of which will be in the 60inch range and i will also run the 42inch murray for my smaller properties.

    has anyone ran either machine and what are some of the likes dislikes and other helpful info about the products?

    Thanks in advane,

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    It all comes down to what each person likes, its just like trucks...Everyone is going to tell you what works for them....

    I can tell you this....I started with an Exmark Lazer Z and four years later I'm still a believer...I just bought a new 2013 Lazer Z E series for this year....In my opinion


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      the only thing grasshopper may have that competes with exmark or any other high end commercial mower is price.

      outside of that there is no comparison.
      if you plan on making a living in this trade for a long time then buy a real machine.


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        Okay thanks guys. I guess the thing i was considering is all re implements that can go on a grasshopper but exmark has none other than a bagger that im aware of


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          on top of the bagger jrco makes a thatcher and a aerator for all the top lines of mowers and as far as lawn mowers go that is about all you need.

          if you need a machine to dig or move dirt or grind stumps or blow leaves and so on you would be better served to invest in the machines that are made for that specific use.

          there is a reason why most commercial landscapers buy exmarks, walkers, scags, toro, john deere because they are the best and they hold up to the day to day rigors of the business.

          no one wants to spend 10k on a lawn mower and we all wish we could buy a 2,000 machine but at the same time no one wants to deal with a piece of crap that breaks down and leaves them scrambling to find parts to get their work done.

          i have exmarks, walkers and i recently bought a john deere Z925A and outside of normal maintenance and normal wear and tear repairs i have never been left hanging by any of them in 23 years of business.


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            That was some good advice thanks you


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              eXmark no other will do
              The Lawn Care Artist Formerly known as "Ducke"


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