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Exmark metro 36" question...

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  • Exmark metro 36" question...

    I found a Exmark metro walk behind for sale. The guy had it for $1800, and I have him down to $1350. The reverse doesn't work but all the other gears do work. I don't know much about Exmark, except they cost a pretty penny. My question is... Should I be worried about a deal that is to good to be true, or did I just run across a good deal? Nmower runs good and blades turn, like I said I know nothing about these mowers. Please help!

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    price out a tranny and everything else it looks like it might need ,add it to the purchase price including any labour if you cant fix it yourself ,then figure out how it sits as opposed to others in good condition .Take into consideration the age,hours,and how it appears to of been maintained .


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      If thats a belt drive the reverse really never does work. Its really reverse assist. In being that its such a light mower, I would run it how it is.

      When it starts to do it in the other gears then its time to fix it. I recommend you dont change gears while moving. Thats how the idiots ruined 1st and 2cd on my toro.


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