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Walker MC GHS with GHS and SD decks

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  • Walker MC GHS with GHS and SD decks

    Here I have a Walker MC with a 36" GHS Deck. I believe the mower is a 91 but not exactly sure. It runs great and I have used it for about a year now. I am about to get out of school so I am looking to get something a bit bigger and newer. I just had the 54" SD Deck sandblasted and then primed/painted it. Can swap the decks in about 5 minutes. The SD deck has a frame with it so it's easy to swap.

    I am asking $3500 OBO for the mower and then $800 OBO for the deck and frame. Package deal for both mower and deck/frame $4000 OBO

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    thats sounds like a lot of money for a very old machine .Good luck with your sale .


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      A 91 ish model would sell for around 750-1000.00 for the tractor and deck

      I am getting ready to buy a 97 MT with a 48" deck for 2000.00 which is the best model they make.

      dealer put a retail price on it for around 25-2800 but im buying from an individual so he is not selling it for as much.


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        It will sell well over 1000. Heck it will sell over $2000. In my area you can't find a trailer without a walker on it. Walker mowers sell very quick here. I have 2 people looking at it now. Hopefully they buy it. I'm using the money from it to buy an Exmark lazer z


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          Good deals on Exmark right now....Just bought a Lazer Z 60" E series.....

          I don't know much about walkers but for a 91 model that seems high end ?


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            Yeah Walker Mowers Are kinda in the high end of lawn care.
            they are more aimed at high end lawn care providers. The couple providers i know that use walker make upwards of $100 for 15-25 mins before moving on to the next one and one of the guys i talked to said he dont drop his ramp for less than $75.

            I am in talks with a small condo/townhome complex and have come into the top 2 for the bid for this year. I am charging more for the Grass collection and the manager wants it. I know the other company that has the top bid with me does not do collection.

            I am waiting on my income tax money to come in and buy my walker mower for my business this year.

            I should know in the next week or two if i won the bid, looks pretty good for now, especially since i used to live there and i know the property.

            sorry i started to ramble


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