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New commercial account = new mower?

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  • New commercial account = new mower?

    Many of you have seen me post in the past, I've faithfully used Toro 52" walk behinds for the last few years and loved them. My new issue is that I just landed a 24 building apartment complex that pays nicely for this area. I've got roughly 2 months to decide on what I'm going to do mower wise. I've got one 52" mower that I've pretty much milked along and am planning on selling anyway, the other one was a good investment and works great. This complex needs a combo of walk behind and zero turn to be done effectively.

    I've always bought used equipment as I enjoy a good deal. Should I just wait till late February/early march after I've made a few paychecks off this place to purchase a good mower, or should i setup a plan with the local dealer? I know the one walk behind has GOT to go, so something new(er) is coming regarless, its just a matter of what.


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    Will you be able to use the mowers on other customers? If so, I would be checking around now for some prices. I would think you could get a better deal now than in a couple of months.
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      if you can get a month or two out of what equipment you got i would wait until you get a couple payments first.
      this way you spend the money you made and not money you don't have yet.

      but of course if you strongly feel that what you have is gonna lead to problems that could possibly hinder you getting it done and fulfilling your contractual obligation then you might have to bite the bullet and spend some cash.


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        Exmark has 0 down 48 month financing. I'm buying an aerator that way.


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          If the 52" is still running good, I would keep it until your gut says it is time for it to go. Otherwise if your business is starting to see some growth, you must grow with it.

          Just this winter alone I literally had more snow accounts than equipment. So I broke down and purchased a new Bobcat(before our 1st snowfall of 15"), believe me, no regrets!

          I agree that you may get some better deals now rather than 2 months from now. If you can put a good down payment down, you can lower your payment.
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            I would get it before lawn cutting begins. You cant afford to have one breakdown and not be able to finish the job. Its better to always be prepared for the worst case scenario.


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