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    I have a new Echo backpack blower Model PB770. It's a big unit and moving leaves in a hurry is NOT a problem. My question are:

    1) Does anyone else use the same model? What are your experiences?
    2) Engine Oil: Manual specifies 2 cycle oil with the following specs: Oil meeting ISO-L-EGD (ISO/CD`13738) and J.A.S.O. M345-FC/FD.

    I would appreciate knowing what oil other users have incorporated for their use. What brands, Spec compliance and experiences? For those of you that live in the LA area where do you buy your oil?

    Any other help you are willing to provide. Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry I use all stihl BR 600 backpacks. If I use the stihl premium 2 cycle oil they will extend my warranty by 2 years.
    I also repair small equipment as a winter business and have a lot of echo products come in for repair. That's all I'll say.
    In my opinion stihl, like Honda is so far ahead of the curve as far as quality goes they are miles ahead of the competition!
    I don't sell stihl, but I am a Honda dealer. Love the little hand held 4 stroke Honda equipment also.
    Sorry I am not much help with your question.


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      Stihl/Echo Backpack blowers

      No apologies necessary on Stihl equipment. They make great products. I came within a "hair's breath" of buying the BR 600. I liked the looks of it better than the Echo. I bought the Echo for two reasons: 1. I had two previous Echo blowers. Not a speck of trouble with either. My neighbor borrowed my first one so many times, I finally sold it to him and bought the next higher Echo. Several years later I was itching to buy the 600 and a friend that lived in AZ bought my PB 350. 2. That weekend a local hardware/garden outfit had a 50% off coupon on any one item that was not on sale. They didnít stock the Stihl, but I settled for the Echo 770 and used the coupon. Got a heck of a deal. It is a powerhouse and I treat it properly using the right gas (89 Octane) and Oil that meets the MFG. specs. No problems so far.

      On your 600, what specs does Stihl require for their oil? What brand do you use?



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          I don't know what their exact specs are but I run the Ultra in the silver bottle. That is the oil they recommend and the one that will extend the mfg warranty on their product lines.


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